Biblical Training

The Big Story

Do you know the big picture of the Bible? Can you confidently explain this to others? The following are 5 short videos to help you understand and share this great news.

For a summary of the first 5 videos listed above, click on this link: The Big Story Overview.

Mission and Vision

This video answers the following questions: What’s our mission and vision as a church? How do we embrace and fulfill this call?


Methods of Evangelism – This video walks you through various ways to communicate the gospel according to the book of Acts.

Encouragement to Evangelize – God calls us to be faithful in proclaiming the good news. This video will encourage you in this calling.

Training Yourself for Godliness

This video explains why it is important to practice the spiritual disciplines.


Prayer (Part 1) – The A.CT.S.-L model of prayer.

Prayer (Part 2) – How to begin prayer by praising God.

Bible Intake

Basics for Reading the Bible

Basic Study Helps

Listening Well to Sermons

Family Devotions


Stewardship is about more than money! Stewardship is about being a faithful disciple in all of life, because “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Psalm 24:1).

Identity in Christ

Identity in Christ (Part 1) – One of our greatest needs as Christians is to know who we are. In Ephesians, Paul addresses who you were, and in Christ, who you now are through faith.

Identity in Christ (Part 2) –In this video we briefly consider 10 biblical truths about everyone who is “in Christ” through faith. Through these 10 truths about God’s saving grace, we see how God shows His love toward us.